Updates to Operation Canyon Rising 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid concerns we had to postpone the scheduled September 2020 expedition of Operation Canyon Rising. Sadly on September 12, during the time that we should have been on the expedition, one of our team members, Travis Livingston, passed away. We will fill his slot with his good friend and past participant Ryan Zimmerer. We will hike in September 2021 in honor of Travis who we had hoped would be with us, but instead will be with us in spirit.

We were able to secure spots at Phantom Ranch to hike in 2021, but we did have to move the expedition forward a day, so we will Rise Up on Sept. 10th, 2021. Then, on September 11th, 20 years after the attacks on our country, we will be able to gather on the south rim of the canyon and look across the depths of the canyon to the north rim and see how far we came and how much we have accomplished. As our country has done, we can recognize that we suffered a great tragedy, but have worked very hard to overcome that tragedy and Rise Up to move forward in our lives.

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